Andria is a successful lifestyle and documentary photographer who specializes in family, pregnancy, births, newborn, christenings and intimate wedding sessions. She tends to photograph naturally and candid focusing on specific details you would never expect to see in a photograph. Her style is unique as she focuses on more of a raw approach by stretching her creative flair to the limit and is one of the first photographers in Cyprus to shoot Birth sessions alongside some of the top Clinics and gynecologist of the Island! She is still active as a graphic designer and always will be since minimalism, street art and culture design styles with good typography, will be her main inspiration combined with her photography career.

She currently owns her own photography studio in Larnaca!

How did you first hear about Alexander College and why did you choose graphic design?

Graphic design was my second option originally (I cannot hide that photography was my first passion). At high school I was really good at both Interior/Architecture and Graphic Design as well. I remember my teachers telling me that I could be an amazing Interior Designer! I choose the graphic design path since I felt more freedom of combining things I love together, Art, Photography, Abstract, illustrations all in one!

What was your most significant learning experience?

Everything, I could easily say. While studying, you get to experience things that you can find useful later on for your career path.

Why did you further your education in photography?

As I’ve mentioned before, Photography was my first ever passion and I felt complete as a graphic designer so I choose another education subject to combine both very well in my career today. I can say is one of the best education combinations I could’ve made back then- in the arts!

What would you say to someone considering a career in the creative industry?

So much advice I could give right now. Mostly, to follow what their gut says and if their current location does not support what they want to do, just leave, move, search for new doors or even create new ones for your needs! It won’t be easy but dedication will make everything easier. ‘FOCUS’ is a brilliant word!

After graduating, how long did it take you to find employment and where were you working?

I was actually very lucky to work 2 months after I received my BA, as a graphic, web designer and illustration artist. I’ve worked hard to gain skills since high school and had a good taste in design, software (that was super important). I had stayed for 6 good years at a web design studio.

You were interviewed on TV for your pioneering success, what was the key moment that inspired you to photograph births?

After 25 I started evolving more and more spiritually. I came to the realization point about the Earth, how everything is created and of course, Birth! I came to a point that the placenta for me was something magical. I could see a tree of life instead of someone could say ‘ugly’ or ‘sickening’. The first ever birth session I saw it was on my birthday and a baby girl was named ‘Andria’ and the medical staff started singing the Happy Birthday song to the newborn. This was the most inspiring moment ever! Then I realized that this is a sign and since I loved doing this so much, I should prove to the world that this is super inspiring!!!

What was the one principle/rule from studying that is still part of your creative process?

Research, research, research in any way. See examples, join communities and ask questions, and keeping lots of notes!

Do you think your graphic design background has made an impact in your photographic career?

Yes, in many ways. A true artist can combine anything in their minds! A good technique is to realize this and use it in any form. Graphic design showed me new things in Photography and Photography in Design too.

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